Phase Two Commencing

Phase Two of The OxVALVE Study commences Winter 2016. Initially we will be following-up our Didcot Health Centre Phase One participants.  Over the next 5 years we will making our way around Oxfordshire to follow-up particpants from each of the 7 participating health centres.

Phase One Completed

With the recruitment of 4010 patients to The OxVALVE Study, Phase One has completed successfully.  A total of 7 GP practices in Oxfordshire participated in the Study.

4000th OxVALVE Patient Recruited

The 4000th Phase One OxVALVE Patient was recruited in May 2016.

Seventh OxVALVE Study Site Opened.

The Seventh OxVALVE Study Site opened at Bicester Health Centre on 5th March 2015.

3500th Patient Recruited

The 3500th patient was recruited to the OxVALVE Study in February 2015.

3300th OxVALVE Patient Recruited!

During July 2014, the 3300th Patient was recruited to the OxVALVE Study.

Sixth OxVALVE Study Site Opens

Donnington Health Centre will be open for recruitment from the end of August 2014

3000th Patient Recruited

During March 2014, the 3000th Patient was recruited to the OxVALVE Study.